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On-line Transactions on the 7th day - Joachim ben Noach - 03-09-2009

- Shalom -

Should Gentiles refrain from visiting Torah websites on the seventh day?

Also, I choose not to purchase Torah books on that day, as a Jew may not do business on the Sabbath. Is this sound?

- Thank you very much -

RE: Transactions on the seventh day - rabbiyitz - 03-15-2009

Since the Sabbath was given only to the Jews, there is no prohibition whatsoever for a non-Jew to visit a Torah web site on the Sabbath. It is preferable to visit a Torah web site and learn positive things, rather than visit a site which has no spiritual values.

As far as making on-line purchases, since observant Jews do not use their computers on the Sabbath, they have no way of knowing on the Sabbath whether or not there were any orders placed. For the non-Jew who places an on-line purchase order to a Jew on the Sabbath, it is no worse than ordering something by regular mail which could possibly arrive on the Sabbath, but the letter will remain unopened by the Jew until after the Sabbath. This is not a problem.