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Foie Gras - Forced Fattening - Donny - 11-13-2011

Does eating Foie gras violate the Sheva Mitvos B'Nai Noach? I would tend to believe that the force feeding of ducks/geese in order to fatten their livers for human consumption might violate "tza'ar ba'alei hayim" (pain or suffering of living creatures). I've also read that Chasam Sofer didn't considered Foie Gras to be treifah and that there may even be kosher Foie gras. Thanks ahead of time for your answers.

Many blessings,

RE: Foie Gras - Forced Fattening - Director Michael - 11-13-2011

It is permissible for Noahides / Gentiles to eat the meat of force-fattened birds and animals.

As to whether or not the act of force-fattening is permitted, or what the guidelines might be, I would have to refer that question to Rabbi Moshe Weiner.

RE: Foie Gras - Forced Fattening - Rabbi Moshe Weiner - 11-13-2011

For Noahides / Gentiles the act of fattening ducks or geese by force-feeding is not prohibited, because the prohibition of unnecessary "tza'ar ba'alei hayim" (pain or suffering of living creatures) is withdrawn if it is done for human benefit.

For Jews it is a problematic issue because the force-feeding might perforate the esophagus, and thereby make the bird "treifah" due to a disqualifying wound.