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the proper way to offer condolences to a Jew
Shalom to respectful Rabbis and shalom Dr. Schulman,
As a Noahide, when a Jewish friend talks about a deceased relative and I want to show my respect, are there some standard words in Judaism, or are those words exactly like the ones other people use? (like G-d bless his soul or things like that)
I have heard about "Baruch Dayan Emet", but then I heard it is said only when a religious person has passed away, or I understood it that way.
After death what happens? Is the soul in another dimension and then it comes back to the corpse?
Thank you very much for helping us with our questions.

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the proper way to offer condolences to a Jew - by oceanoah - 10-16-2007, 08:18 AM

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