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Prayer and Deeds for Deceased Ancestors
Please see post #4 above from Rabbi Immanuel Schochet, for suggested prayers and Psalms that are appropriate to be recited for departed souls.

If you live with love and fear/awe of the One True G-d, learn the Torah subjects and observe the mitzvot that are associated with the Noahide Code, and do acts of goodness and kindness, your righteousness will surely be a good reflection upon the souls of your parents, in this world and the next world. But in general, Gentiles are not held responsible for each other, and the main Heavenly judgment for a particular lifetime is based on one's own thoughts, speech and actions.

If you follow a Torah-true path of righteousness as you learned from the teachings and example of a truly righteous person (a tzadik), you make a connection between your soul and the elevated soul of the tzadik, which of course is greatly to your benefit.

The Rebbe taught that when someone observes seven days of mourning after the burial of a deceased close relative - a Jew or a Gentile - it gives honor to the soul of the deceased, and to the Divine mission he/she fulfilled during the physical lifetime in this world.

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