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Slaughtering (including Kosher or Halal)
NiklasTyreso Wrote:
Director Michael Wrote:the time when the heart of the animal stops beating, which is the Torah's definition of the death of the animal. In fact, Noahides should be even more strict, and eat only meat that is removed after the limbs of the animal stop convulsing.
It is no problem for Noahides to eat meat from animals slaugthered by the Islamic ritual method (called "Halal"), as long as the meat is not removed before the animal's heart stops beating and the limbs stop convulsing.
Shalom Director Michael and Rabbis

What is the optimal noahide slaughter method?

Any method which does not cause unnecessary suffering to the animal. The death of the animal should be quick, and not prolonged. (If there is some overriding human need, it is not forbidden to subject the animal to some short suffering if necessary, but that is not preferred.)

NiklasTyreso Wrote:From reading the internet I suspect it should be three components. Please tell me if I am right, miss anything or exagerate.
1)The blood should be poured out of the body, [based on the verse] “Only flesh with the life thereof, which is the blood thereof, shall ye not eat.” Gen 9:4

You have misinterpreted that verse, which really means that a person should not eat the meat of an animal while there is still life-blood being pumped through the animal. (More detailed analysis proves that this prohibition only applies as a commandment regarding land mammals and birds. But still it is not permitted to deliberately subject any type of creature to unnecessary suffering.) Noahides, unlike Jews, are permitted to consume the blood of animals, so it's not required to pour out the blood. However, slaughtering in a way that allows the life-blood to pour out quickly will cause the heart to stop beating quicker, because the heart will not beat when it is empty of blood. (It may quiver by electrical muscle spasms, but that does not indicate life.)

NiklasTyreso Wrote:2)The hart should stop beating before the beginning to cut the body up, as the Jewish definition of death is when the hart stop beating the animal die.

Yes. That is God's definition of the death of the animal, i.e., that is when the animal's "soul" (life force) has separated from its body.

NiklasTyreso Wrote:3)The dead body should be allowed to stop having convulsions before cutting the body up as the movements indicate that the parts of the body still have life giving oxygen (that the blood provided just minutes ago).

That is the correct procedure, but the reason is because if the animal is still convulsing, it looks like it is still alive. If people would start butchering animals while they appear to be alive, the result would be that they would start butchering animals a moment earlier, when they haven't died yet. (If a Jew does kosher-slaughter on a kosher animal, the waiting period until the end of the convulsions is not technically required, but it is highly recommended.)

NiklasTyreso Wrote:To my understanding Noahide slaughter can (or should?) include the use of the bolt pistol (to make the animal unconscious) in the brain, as long as the blood is poured out till the heart stops beating. What's your opinions on the use of bolt-pistols or similar devises?

Those methods are allowed for Noahides, as long as they are done properly, by properly trained persons, so there won't be a mistake that will cause the animal to suffer.

NiklasTyreso Wrote:How important is point three, that the body should have no convulsions?

It is an actual prohibition if the convulsions haven't stopped, but there is no liability to earthly punishment if that is transgressed. The prohibition against severing and eating the meat while the animal is still alive is much more severe.

NiklasTyreso Wrote:This might be the hardest thing to know and get answers about from the slaughters. If that is a important point, then I suspect (but do not now) a lot of meat (Most? Maybe even kosher and hallal) in europe and USA is not edible for noahides.

Truly kosher meat is by definition no problem for Noahides, and it can be eaten without question. The humane slaughter guidelines that apply for *large* slaughtering operations for cattle in the US, pretty much avoid the possibility of meat being removed while an animal is alive. But that is not yet a legislated rule, unfortunately.

Anyway, a Noahide is only held to be liable for the transgression if he knows that the meat was definitely removed from a living animal, and he goes ahead and eats it anyway (for example, "mountain oysters" that are the cooked testicles of castrated male cattle).

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