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The Evil Inclination?
Randy Wrote:Ok, so as a 'spiritual being' this Satan entity, while not omnipotent, is ominpresent? Meaning he can and does effect multiple people on the planet at the same time?


Randy Wrote:I'm asking this to understnd Satan from the Torah perspective, as "Satan" is intergral in some religions and very missunderstood.

Rabbiyitz said, "The Jewish confessional prayer on Yom Kippur contains this confession: 'For the sin which we committed before You with the evil inclination.' This refers to a person who deliberately arouses within himself a desire for a sin which the Satan was not assigned to tempt the person with."

I assume that doing a sin this way is worse than if you were tempted?


Randy Wrote:Can Satan tempt you in your dreams?

Yes, it's possible. But the goal would be to lead the person to be tempted during the time that he's awake, to do a sinful action, or to harbor thoughts of sinful things (which can lead to actual sin if those thoughts are not rejected).

Randy Wrote:Some people have cognitive action in their dreams, and I have heard that you can't get in trouble for what you do in your dreams.

A person can't be punished just for something he dreamed about, if that is what you mean.

Randy Wrote:Only I have cognitive action, and while I have yet to do anything 'wrong' technically I have been toying around with the idea as it is virtual reality. In all of my dreams, when it comes to the 'sin' point... I stop the dream... It's called "lucid dreaming." Yet that virtual reality will lead to what, and why should I do it? Only because I feel like it? (this is another topic).

A person should not willfully invite dreams of sinful things (including dreams of sinning), because that can lead to fantasizing about sin while awake, which can lead to temptation to sin, and possibly even actual sins, G-d forbid. As it says, the eye sees [even just the mind's eye], then the heart desires, and then the evil inclination tells the person to go and do the sin.

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