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Vows and Oaths

I just finished reading a wonderful work by a Samson Raphael Hirsh, called "A Philosophy of Jewish Law and Custom." It is two volumes. He conveniently separates the Jewish mitzvot into six categories. One of those categories contain all those mitzvot that pertain only to the Jews. Another of those categories contain all the mitzvot that cannot be deduced by the average upright person from logic alone. Reading this was very helpful to me.

But I have further questions: When I was 14 years old, I agreed to take certain obligations upon myself by taking a vow (which was made improperly). Among these obligations were: not eating meat from non-kosher animals, honoring parents, taking care of my health (which I am obligated in anyway), separating out a tithe of my income, taking a wife and fathering children, and "keeping" the Sabbath (although not in the manner of the Jews, just by not working for money or talking business.) There may have been other obligations which I do not recall right now. In the light of what Director Michael has written to PlasticMan, for me to take at least some of these "duties" upon myself was wrong. But what now? Admitting it was wrong, now what? Am I obligated or not? Forget that it was vowed improperly; what if someone had taken obligations upon himself in the Name of Hashem - although it would be a mistake, would he be obligated?

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