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Vows and Oaths
Quote:1) what if a non-Jew breaks a vow (not intentionally, but by forgetting he made it), what are the basic consequences? Is the vow still in effect? Can he correct this by reaffirming and rigorously keeping it?

This really depends on the details of the vow. Some types of vows are invalid from the outset, in which case there is no obligation to keep them. If one regrets having made a vow, it MAY be possible to have the vow annulled, again depending on the details of the situation. The Torah-based rules for non-Jews in regard to their vows and promises, and the possibility and procedure for annulment of their vows and promises, are included as two chapters in our new book, "The Divine Code," Vol. I:

Quote:2) May a non-Jew wear a prayer shawl -any basic shawl- for his prayers?

This depends on whether you are asking about a Jewish prayer shawl ("tallis") with ritual "tzitzit" fringes (which a non-Jew should not wear), or about a shawl without tzitzit fringes, which a non-Jew may wear at any time. Please see our forum threads on this subject:

"Wearing a tallis?"

"Noahide prayer shawl?"

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