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Jurisdiction and Structure of Noahide Courts
Yes, because there is no real contradiction to resolve.

The U.S. Constitution was in place as the Law of the Land for approximately 200 years before you were born, without you there personally to actively maintain its existence, and if it is rescinded in the future, it won't be because you didn't personally take action to maintain its existence. In other words, it's not under your personal authority. The U.S. policy of jury trials is not dependent on what you think or say about it. When a person makes a Noahide Declaration, he is saying that he is going to personally take on observance of the Noahide Code in those aspects of his own life which he has control over. So there is no contradiction within Torah Law.

Furthermore, in a country that has established fair Laws and Courts with trial by jury, that is a partial fulfillment of the Noahide Commandment for a society to have laws and courts. So if a person tries to bribe a member of a jury, he (the briber) is guilty of transgressing the Noahide Commandment for Laws of Courts. And so is the jury member guilty if he accepts the bribe.

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