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Prayers for Finding a Marriage Partner
Questions received:
(01-16-2015, 04:32 AM)Johnny Wrote: To my knowledge Noahides are permitted to recite prayers from the book of Psalms. I was wondering if Noahides are permitted to recite prayers from the book of Psalms for the purpose that G-d bless the one praying to find and marry his or her optimum partner for marriage, or at least the next best partner for marriage?


(01-16-2015, 04:32 AM)Johnny Wrote: And is reciting Moses' Song at the Sea for the same purpose permitted?

It's permitted for a faithful Noahide to recite any verses from the Hebrew Bible in a language for which he understands all the words that he's saying. If the purpose of his recitation is for the sake of a specific prayer, it's better to choose verses or sections that are logically related to the subject he's praying for, or alternatively to recite chapters of Psalms in general.

(01-16-2015, 04:32 AM)Johnny Wrote: I know that in the Jewish tradition there are other things to recite to for helping to bring G-d's blessing for finding and marrying one's optimum partner for marriage, or the next best possible partner, and I would like to know if Gentiles can recite all these things in regard to this subject.

It's better if the Noahide just focuses on Psalms that have traditionally been identified for this purpose. These are (according to one Orthodox Jewish source): Chapters 32, 38, 70, 71, 72, 82, 121, 124. It is good to connect prayers with giving proper charity.

However, one should not neglect to be pro-active and engage in the logically useful ways to find a good partner for lasting marriage, especially with the help of a truly concerned "shadchan" (matchmaker). There are also some reliable matchmaking web sites.

One aid for receiving G-d's blessing for a specific need is find another person who has the same need, and actively help that person in that area, or at least pray for that person to receive that blessing which is needed.

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