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Blessings before eating or drinking
Good job for doing what is right - even though it is uncomfortable for you. You are not giving up even though it is obviously not easy for you.

Regarding the actual requirements - the blessings before eating and drinking should ideally be said in the same place where you sit and eat, right before you begin to eat, while you are holding the food in your hand or on your fork or spoon, etc. You can definitely whisper the words of the blessing without anyone else hearing them, as long as you can hear what you're saying. The important thing is that your are thanking G-d.

As a final point, remember that you began to say these blessings because you saw the truth in saying them. There is no reason for you to think that the same truth, once apparent to another person, will be rejected or will be a reason for others to make fun of you. Who knows - you may even be respected for it! If someone sees you whisper a blessing, don't be ashamed to answer briefly "I am thanking G-d for my food. That's all." Chances are no one will make a fuss and almost certainly it will not bother anybody.

Be well!

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