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Earth Day vs. Innovated Relgious Festivals
klekabarraqe Wrote:On your insights page
you happen to mention that it would be wrong to create say a Noahide holiday [for example, celebrating the receding of the Flood waters (a date mentioned in the Torah)]. I understand how this would be wrong, essentially creating a holiday that G-d did not command us to observe. There are however holidays/commemorations that the Jews celebrate which were not explicitly enjoined upon them in the Torah (Hanukkah, Purim, Ninth of Av etc as well as some local customs, fast days etc.). In Esther "the Jews undertook and irrevocably obligated THEMSELVES and their descendants, and all who might join them, to observe these two days (Purim and Shushan Purim) in the manner prescribed and at the proper time each year." Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't this ability to commemorate "new" Jewish holidays come from the powers that G-d gave to the authentic Sanhedrin in the Torah one of which was to institute public fast days/other observances as well as declare new moons etc.?

This is basically correct, but it's necessary to understand that the several "new" (post-Biblical) Jewish festivals were really instituted as permitted *extensions* of one or another of the core 613 Jewish Commandments from the Five Books of Moses.

klekabarraqe Wrote:Would this mean that it [an authentic Sanhedrin] would also be able to declare new Noahide holidays if it were reestablished or would a Noahide court (though I don't think Noahide courts have any such powers) be able to?

An authentic Sanhedrin would not declare new Noahide RELIGIOUS holidays, since that would constitute a prohibited creation of new commandments.

klekabarraqe Wrote:Also I saw in that web page (question 18(b)) that you did not mention the holiday of Sukkot as a relevant Jewish holiday for Noahides to observe (without the final day/related holiday Shemini Atzeret/Simchat Torah), from Zechariah 14 it is clear that the nations that do no fight Jerusalem in the end-of-days battle will have to observe the feast of Sukkot as a pilgrimage festival to the city,

That will be a decree that comes from G-d Himself, and it is not something that we can really understand or relate to until that time occurs.

klekabarraqe Wrote:should observant Noahides commemorate Sukkot today as an optional practice (without following the Jewish rest requirements during the non-Chol Hamoed days)?

No, for the reason stated above.

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