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Greeting with "Sh'lom aleichem!" (Peace to you!)
Sh'lom Teodor,

Teodor Wrote:1. Is a Noahide allowed to greet another person (a Jew or an observing Noahide) with "Sh'lom aleichem!"

Yes, but it only makes sense if the person being greeted knows what "aleichem" means. But it's assumed that almost everyone knows that "Sh'lom" is a greeting in Hebrew, and it's literal meaning is "peace."

Teodor Wrote:2. If a Noahide had said the word "Sh'lom" as a greeting to someone while at the same time the door of the bathroom was open, should one repent since it says about G-d, "You are Peace/Sh'lom and Your Name is Peace/Sh'lom"?

The person would not need to repent unless the word was said inside the bathroom. Not saying the word near a bathroom if the door is open is an extra-respectful precaution that one may observe.

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