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What Happens When We Die?
(10-24-2015, 05:51 AM)iCamokazi Wrote:
Quote:"With all due respect," your claim that the Tanach never mentions anything about a soul that continues to live after the death of the body is incorrect. Samuel I 28:3 states very clearly, "Samuel had died and all Israel eulogized him and buried him in Ramah, in his home town." The chapter then goes on to recount in 28:8-19 that King Saul went to a necromancer, and at his request, she called up the living soul of Samuel, who conversed with King Saul, and delivered to him a prophecy of his impending defeat.
So does this mean that magic exists? Necromancy IS a form of magic and so does it exist? I've wondered this for a long time.

The simple answer to your question is that yes, it does exist, and it is a practice that is forbidden to do. Jews are explicitly commanded, as part of their 613 commandments, not to practice such things. For Gentiles, see "The Divine Code," Part II, ch. 11, titled "Practices that are Forbidden as Customs of Idol Worshipers," which begins as follows (p. 241):

"Just as Gentiles are forbidden to practice idol worship itself, so too they are forbidden to go in the customary ways of those who serve idols. These are ways and schemes in which the idol worshipers conduct themselves, that are connected to and strengthen their beliefs.
The following are customary roles among those who worship idols: a magician, a diviner, a soothsayer, a witch, a charmer, a medium, a wizard or a necromancer. All these, even when they do not actually include idol worship in their practices, are branches of idolatrous services, and they cause and bring a person to serve idols."

Note: Just doing slight-of-hand "magic tricks" for people's entertainment (which everyone knows is not real magic) is not included in this prohibition

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