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The One G-d and His relationship with mankind
1. Yes, Noahides can and should serve G-d. The primary Divine service for a Noahide is to observe and learn the Seven Noahide Commandments that G-d commanded in the Torah, and He informed us through Moses our teacher that the descendants of Noah were originally commanded about them. Other important ways for Noahides to serve G-d include prayer, repentance, giving proper charity, and doing acts of goodness and kindness.

2. Yes, Gentiles have free will because their souls have the "image of G-d" in which G-d created human beings. This "image of G-d" is the ability tp know what is good and what is evil in G-d's eyes. Gentiles can receive reward from G-d for choosing to do what is good in G-d's eyes, and they may receive punishment from G-d for choosing to do what is evil in G-d's eyes. When a Noshide does sincere personal repentance, G-d answers by removing the stain of the sin from the person's soul.

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