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Daniel2 Wrote:Is abortion allowed if it's to save the life of the mother when it's known that childbirth will kill her? I read somewhere that for a Jewish woman, it's permitted in this case, but for gentiles, this does not apply.

Yes, a woman is allowed to get an abortion if it's to save her life, and this applies for Jewish women and Gentile women.

Daniel2 Wrote:Also, since abortion is only considered murder 40 days or more into pregnancy, and before this it is comparable to the sin of spilling a man's seed, does this mean:
a) that life does not start at conception

The physical life of the person starts at conception, and the spiritual life of the person's soul precedes conception.

Daniel2 Wrote:b) that it is incorrect to say that abortion is murder from day 1 through 39 of pregnancy?

Abortion from day 1 through 39 is forbidden as a sin of killing, but it is not a capital sin.

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