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The awful choice between suicide and sin
Director Michael Wrote:In these issues, there are differences in the Torah's precepts for Gentiles and Jews. A Jew is required to submit even to painful death G-d forbid (instead of suicide), rather than accept being forced to even appear to be worshipping an idol. That is an aspect of a Jew's commandment to sanctify the Name of G-d. This is not required of a Gentile, who should therefore save his life by pretending to worship the idol. That is proven in the Tanach by the story of Elisha and Naaman. Naaman became a righteous Gentile, and he was given permission by Elisha to pretend to serve an idol in order to save his life (II Kings, Chapter 5).

On the other hand, if either a Noahide or a Jew is being forced to commit a murder G-d forbid, he should refuse and instead submit to being killed G-d forbid.

How much effort may one put into resisting the coersion? Would a Noahide in such a terrible situation be permitted even to kill the one(s) trying to force him to murder an innocent?

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