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Traps for harmful insects
Several precepts related to this issue are included in "The Divine Code," 3rd Edition, by Rabbi Moshe Weiner:

They are included in Part IV, Chapter 7, "Restrictions on Causing Suffering to a Living Creature." I've listed them here, with the topic numbers:

1. [...] Mankind was not, however, granted permission to kill or wound any animals purposelessly, or to cause them unnecessary pain. This is not permitted with regard to any animal, even fish, sheretz creatures, reptiles, or other small crawling creatures.

2. If animals are causing pain or discomfort to humans, it is permitted to harm or even kill them. For when there is an advantage to a person, it permits one to overlook the pain caused to an animal, as we see from the permission G-d granted to mankind to slaughter animals for food...

7. [...] one may kill any beast or vermin that causes one aggravation.* Needless to say, it is permitted to banish pests from one's property.

*This includes, for example, the use of insecticides, insect traps, lethal or non-lethal rodent traps, and rodent poisons. However, methods that cause prolonged painful suffering to the trapped creature (such as glue traps for mice) should be avoided if there are other effective alternatives.

8. Similarly, it is permitted to kill any animal that causes hardship to people at large...

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