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Offerings to idols
In topic 3:4 (pp. 152-153) of that section of "The Divine Code," it explains that "one who does any one of these four special services [bowing down, slaughtering, burning incense, or pouring a libation] for any idol, even if this is not its traditional manner of service, is liable..."

So slaughtering an animal as an offering/sacrifice to any idol makes one liable for the sin of idol worship (even if that's not the traditional way of serving the idol), because that is one of the 4 special services that were performed to serve G-d in His Holy Temple in Jerusalem.

Now in order to be considered a valid offering in the Temple, the slaughtering of the sacrifices by the Kohen priests had to be accompanied by the Levites with their singing (which proves that it was a truly spiritual service, beyond just the physical act of the slaughtering and sacrificial offering of the animal).

So a question arises as to whether the singing, as a service to G-d, was also a form of worship that was commanded to be exculsively for G-d Himself (the singing in and of itself, or perhaps considered as part of the service of sacrificing). If so, then a person would be liable for worshipping an idol by singing before it, just as if the person slaughtered an animal or poured a libation or burned incense as an offering before an idol, or bowed down and prostrated himself to it.

In the footnote, Rabbi Weiner quotes two Rabbinical authorities who said that singing before an idol (in the service of the idol) is in that special category, but he explains that it is a minority opinion. So the ruling is that there is liability for this only if it's the customary way of serving that particular idol.

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