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Offerings to idols
Quote:Question: "The Divine Code" Part 2, Chap. 3, #10 says, "The same (liability) applies for one who burns incense or pours a libation - any amount makes one liable, for there is no set amount for the transgression of idol worship." I thought to ask a couple of questions please. May one burn incense for purpose of 'cleansing' air or may I burn a stick of incense at my desk while I study? If incense is made by those that follow Eastern sects should it be nullified & then used?

If you mean burning incense practical purposes like getting rid of odors, or putting a pleasant smell in the air, or for relaxation, etc., that's fine.

In "The Divine Code," see footnote 280, p. 227, and Editor's note on p. 234. Incense does not become forbidden to benefit from until it is burned as a service or offering to an idol. So unburned incense is permitted to benefit from (e.g. by burning and smelling it), even if idolaters had previously set it down before their idol.

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