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(Assisting) Suicide to Avoid Lethal Torture
I have read commentary that is was acceptable for King Saul to commit suicide given the circumstances immediately prior to his death (i.e. he faced torture by the Philistines).

That being the case, would it have been acceptable for his sword bearer to kill him as Saul initially requested of him (1 Samuel 31:4)?

If not, my next question: His sword bearer killed himself immediately in the same manner following Saul's suicide. I don't see the difference in the sword bearer's actions. My understanding is that it was acceptable for the sword bearer to kill himself to avoid torture, but it would have been murder for him to kill Saul as an act of mercy. Is this correct?

This reminds me of the passage in 'The Last of the Mohicans' where Duncan Heyward is about to be burned at the Stake by the Indian tribe, and Hawkeye shoots him with a rifle from a distance to save him from the torture of the fire. Although this is a fictional account obviously, would it have been an acceptable move for him to save his friend from this fate even though he was facing certain death regardless?

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