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Shell Fish
It is not really a matter of opinion, although it may be a matter of taste. The Noahide Commandment against eating meat from a living "animal" only applies to mammals and birds. It does not apply to shellfish.

As a separate issue, people were never given permission from G-d to cause "unnecessary" suffering to an animal (in Hebrew this is called tza'ar balei chayim). But Noahides are allowed to eat any creatures, including oysters, so there must be some acceptable way to prepare them as food. The level of stress which could be ruled as "unnecessary suffering" for an oyster has probably not been scientifically established, if indeed there is such a level. Some people will take advantage of this grey area, because they have a preferance for eating raw oysters versus cooked oysters. Other, more sensitive people will go with cooked as second-best, so they can eat with a clearer conscience.

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