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Definition of a scoffer
(04-25-2011, 09:35 PM)Finch Wrote: I have been reading the "Chofetz Chaim: Lesson a Day". A portion of the daily readings deal with the severity of the sin of being a scoffer. I understand the modern definition of this term (to speak derisively; to mock; to jeer). Is this the same context as the biblical definition of scoffing?

Yes, this is the correct meaning, although the severity of the sin depends on what is being scoffed at. Worst of all is to scoff at the Hebrew Bible or the Oral Torah, at reliable/observant Torah scholars of this or earlier generations, at any of the Jewish or the Noahide Commandments, at those who are properly observant of their Torah Commandments, at faith in the omniscient One True G-d - the G-d of Israel, at faith in individual Divine Providence, or at any of the other fundamental principles of the traditional Torah-based faith.

More generally, some people have a scoffing nature, and they seize any opportunity to express unfounded cynical, derisive or degrading comments about other people and about the motivations that others have for following any policies or actions. This is a bad character trait, that one should try to overcome.

On the other hand, it is encouraged to take every *appropriate* opportunity to scoff at idols and idol worship.

And thank you for your good recommendations about controlling one's speech!

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