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Definition of a scoffer
Dear amenyahu,
What you are doing is a true "Kiddush Hashem" - a public sanctification of G-d's Name, and for this may you be blessed by G-d in this world and in the World to Come. In the bereaved spiritual state we find ourselves in today, during this time of the "birthpangs of Moshiach", the bestowed or self-assumed title of "rabbi" can no longer be taken for granted as a certification of proper religious faith or integrity. The certification of Torah-true religious faith and integrity is steadfast adherence to the traditional principles, teachings and meanings of the Torah tradition, as these have been faithfully passed down to us from the outstanding righteous Jewish Sages of the previous generations. There is more than enough anarchy in the world today, without bringing anarchy into teachings of Torah, G-d forbid. The tradition of the Torah-based faith was provided for Jews and Noahides to learn it, absorb it, safeguard it and make it accessible to others - but not to spread distortions of it (perhaps due to ignorance or poor understanding), nor to falsify it or rebel against it (see the definition in Post #2 above). Therefore, the test of the message is not the title of the messenger, but rather the message itself (which may be subtly crafted to lead to consequences that are not compatible with the teachings of the Torah tradition).

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