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Definition of a scoffer
Hi Michoel,

Proverbs 3:34-35
"34: If [one goes] to the scoffers, he will scoff; but [if he goes] to the humble, he evokes grace. 35: The wise shall inherit honor, but the fools take disgrace as their portion."

If one desires to do a public sanctification of G-d's Name then I suppose one would do well to guard themselves too not be too positively or negatively attracted to the scoffer lest one ends up scoffing with them or in response to them.

I suppose there is so many false understanding on the internet one could run around amok all year attempting to sanctify G-d's Name via the internet and still not be done. I thought about doing this the other day because of a false teacher who calls himself a branch of "Noahide".

However, here it seams that Solomon is saying NOT to got to the scoffer but rather go to the humble and learn from them so that eventually they will inherit honor and their deeds would evoke Grace?

One Last thought is:
Proverbs 29:23
"A man's haughtiness will humble him, but one of humble spirit will grasp honor."

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