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Prohibition of Castration
Shalom Rabbi Schulman:
Thanks for the post. My wife discussed vasectomy with me and wanted me to get it done because when we lay together without condoms (2 out of 2 times) she gets pregnant. We feel we don't have the resources for a third baby. Your post helps me with my decision (which is what I was leaning towards because I don't like pain). Also, I believe Noahides are expected to have unprotected sex unless the Noahides have one boy and one girl. We have one boy and one girl. Yeah!!

Agent T

The Torah law that prohibits Gentiles from *needless* surgical sterilization of male animals is part of the prohibition of causing *unnecessary* pain or suffering to animals. The criteria by which it can be considered necessary are explained in "The Divine Code," Vol. 1, 2nd edition, Part 4, Chapter 7.


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