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Prohibition of Castration
Thank you for your post! There are two points that need to be corrected:

(07-11-2011, 10:37 AM)Agent T Wrote: Also, I believe Noahides are expected to have unprotected sex unless the Noahides have one boy and one girl.  We have one boy and one girl.  Yeah!!

For Noahides, and all Gentiles,

(1) it is not forbidden to use a condom during marital intercourse. Please see our forum thread on contraceptives:

(2) they are not commanded that they must have children, or that they must have children before using contraceptives (although having and properly raising children is a benefit to the world and a righteous act that helps to fulfill G-d's objective for the world).

These issues are explained in more detail in "The Divine Code," 2nd Edition, by Rabbi Moshe Weiner.

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