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Slaughtering (including Kosher or Halal)

Kochimodo Wrote:It seems that in many slaughterhouses they begin cutting up the meat before the animal is really dead.

This probably varies a lot from country to country, and even locally, from one slaughterhouse to another. In the U.S. the emphasis of the government regulations and guidelines has been on legislating "humane" slaughter (minimal pain and stress to the animal) instead of Noahide slaughter (humane, but additionally with no butchering before the beating of the heart has stopped).

The *large-scale* U.S. slaughterhouses for cows and hogs are regulated for "humane" slaughter. The small-scale ones are not, but they operate at lower volume and speed, which helps. When the published government guidelines are followed, there is very little CHANCE of food meat from these livestock being removed before the heart stops beating. Therefore it more of a concern at the slaughterhouse, than for the consumer who buys random meat that comes from the slaughterhouse.

Even if the butchering on an animal would begin before the heart stops beating, G-d forbid, only a fraction of the meat would be removed while it's forbidden. The animal would be dead before most of the meat was removed, so there would be a small chance that a consumer would purchase a random piece of forbidden meat. But that doesn't justify the practice of slaughtering in such a manner, and indeed it should not be allowed.

Kochimodo Wrote:When you look at the way the animals are transported and handled in the slaughterhoses you can also ask yourself the following.
If we continue to buy the "normal" meat aren't we partcipating in an indirect manner and allowing cruelty to animals and even also indirectly responible for cruelty to animals?

Again, this probably varies a lot from country to country, and even locally. If you can get information on the standards or practices for your source of meat, then you can make an informed decision. Unfortunately, that can be very difficult for the consumer. On the other hand, a Noahide is only responsible for willful transgression, e.g. if there is known evidence that a particular piece of meat was probably removed from a living animal and you eat it anyway, or if most of the available meat is known to be "eiver min ha'chai" [meat removed from a live animal - meaning, while its heart is still beating] and you don't make the effort to be sure that your piece of meat is OK.

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