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Slaughtering (including Kosher or Halal)
Director Michael Wrote:the time when the heart of the animal stops beating, which is the Torah's definition of the death of the animal. In fact, Noahides should be even more strict, and eat only meat that is removed after the limbs of the animal stop convulsing.

It is no problem for Noahides to eat meat from animals slaughtered by the Islamic ritual method (called "Halal"), as long as the meat is not removed before the animal's heart stops beating and the limbs stop convulsing.
Shalom Director Michael and Rabbis

What is the optimal Noahide slaughter method?
From reading the internet I suspect it should be three components. Please tell me if I am right, missing anything or exaggerating.

1) The blood should be poured out of the body. “Only flesh with the life thereof, which is the blood thereof, shall ye not eat.” (Genesis 9:4)
2) The heart should stop beating before the beginning to cut the body up, as the Jewish definition of death is that when the heart stops beating, the animal dies.
3) The dead body should be allowed to stop having convulsions before cutting the body up, as the movements indicate that the parts of the body still have life giving oxygen (that the blood provided just minutes ago).

To my understanding Noahide slaughter can (or should?) include the use of the bolt pistol (to make the animal unconscious) in the brain, as long as the blood is poured out till the heart stops beating. What's your opinion on the use of bolt-pistols or similar devices?

How important is point three, that the body should have no convulsions?
This might be the hardest thing to know and get answers about from the slaughterers. If that is an important point, then I suspect (but do not know) a lot of meat (Most? Maybe even kosher and Halal?) in Europe and USA is not edible for Noahides.


Niklas Ekestam

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