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Sabbath restrictions are for Jews only
The one who "cited" Isaiah ch. 56 is blatantly misrepresenting the correct simple meaning of that Hebrew text. Isaiah prophesied to the Jewish people, calling them to repent and follow the Jewish commandments, so they would not be punished by G-d with the exile and loss of the 10 Tribes, and the destruction of the First Holy Temple.

Verse 56:2 is addressed to the Jewish people. Isaiah warns the Jewish people to observe the two Jewish commandments of the Jewish Sabbath, from their "10 Commandments": (a) to observe (keep, guard) the uniquely Jewish Sabbath restrictions, and (b) to not desecrate (not profane) the separation that that G-d commands only the Jews to make between the seventh day and the rest of the week. These two Jewish commandments are found in the statements of the "10 Commandments" in Exodus and Deuteronomy. In both cases, they are addressed specifically to the Jews as a commemoration of THEIR Exodus from Egypt.

In verse 56:3, the only correct translation and meaning of "the foreigner who joined the L-rd" is a person who converted and became a Jew, who was orginally a non-Jew. This is obvious from the plain context of the verses in the chapter, and this is how it is taught by Rashi.

In verse 56:4, the more specific and correct translation of "barren one" is "eunuch." The eunuchs were Jewish men who were castrated as part of a service to one of the pagan gods that some Jews were worshipping at that time. Isaiah was telling them that if they would repent and return to observing the Jewish commandments, including the observance of the Jewish Sabbath, G-d would forgive them even for their involvement in the sins of idolatry and castration, and He would fully accept their repentence.

Verse 56:6 again addresses the righteous converts about the two Jewish commandments of the Jewish Sabbath (to observe and not to desecrate), and to "hold fast to My covenant." The meaning of "hold fast to My covenant" is that Jews must observe their covenant with G-d for religious circumcision.

Verse 56:8 is G-d's promise that when He will return the exiled Jews from their diaspora, He will also include those who properly converted to become Jews, and their descendents.

This is all very clear in Rashi's explanation of the meaning of the verses. Someone who denies this, G-d forbid, is denying the correct meaning of these Hebrew Scriptures. To claim that "foreigners" in this chapter could mean unconverted non-Jews is indeed denying the simple meaning of G-d's prophetic message, as well as contradicting the established teachings of the traditional Sages and Rabbis of Israel, who are the experts on Torah. In Hebrew, one of the well-known meanings of the word "foreigners" is people who converted to become Jews. As in every language, there are some words that can have different meanings, and the correct meaning in a specific case is known from the context. There are numerous other examples of this principle in the Hebrew Scriptures.

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