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Sabbath restrictions are for Jews only
Sh'lom Lisa and thanks for your questions:

lgardner112062 Wrote:My question concerns resting on the Sabbath. I do rest on the Sabbath;

Simply physically resting on the 7th day of the week, to recuperate from the 40-hour, Monday-to-Friday work week that your employer set up, and to refresh yourself for the work week ahead, is OK. But you should consider it as a convenient day to rest up, instead of as a "Sabbath," which means the Divinely commanded weekly day of holiness for the Jewish people.

lgardner112062 Wrote:I do restrict my six year old son from watching TV or playing computer games.

That makes plain good sense for any day of the week. (There are some of us who think that parents should ban TV sets from their households all together :-). You should not tell your son that he has to stop watching TV or stop playing computer games "because it's the Sabbath." You could tell him that from now on, time on the TV and computer games is only available at all as a reward on weekday evenings, in return for doing his weekday homework and weekday household chores, just like his evening dessert is his reward for his eating his dinner.

lgardner112062 Wrote:I also do not cook.

You should not refrain from cooking altogether. If you want to skip cooking full meals because you're resting up, that's OK.

lgardner112062 Wrote:My son and I have a big Friday night meal that we both look forward to all week. We have been doing this for probably two or three years now.

That's OK. See Post #1 above in this thread, from Rabbi Immanuel Schochet, and our web page

<text clipped>

lgardner112062 Wrote:Should I make a point of performing some kind of action that in effect says, 'Hey, I am not a jew and I am not pretending to be one.'?

Just doing one deliberate bit of a "work" action, and then restricting yourself from other specific activities because it's the day of the Jewish Sabbath, does not get around the prohibition that non-Jews should not establish specific Sabbath-like restrictions for themselves. But resting and refreshening from and for work, and making a block of quality time for yourself and your family, is practical and logical, and not a problem.

lgardner112062 Wrote:Thanks very much for taking your time to answer questions here.

You're welcome!

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