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Prayer for people with physical ailments
The Midrash explains that near the end of his life, Jacob was the first person who ever had a "natural" illness (Genesis 48:1). Before that time, a person lived a healthy life until the moment came when it was time for him to die. Then the person would sneeze, and his soul would exit from his body through his nostrils, and he would be dead. So when a person sneezed, it was considered to be a matter of life and death, and others who witnessed the sneeze would say a quick prayer to G-d, that the person should be blessed to continue living. Thus it became a tradition to bless (as a prayer for the person's health) anyone who sneezes.

[In the days of Abraham, the households of Pharoah and King Abimelech were stricken with illness, but those were temporary miraculous plagues that G-d inflicted upon them, because of the sinful intentions that those kings had for Abraham's wife, Sarah. See Genesis 12:17 and 20:17-18.]

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