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Accepting charity from idolatrous sources
The following answers apply for Gentiles. (A Jew should consult with his local Orthodox Rabbi, regarding the particulars of his individual situation.)

Q: May I benefit from a house of idolatry?-- a place whose primary purpose is to serve idols, or a house of worship that contains idols, either during or not during the worship ceremony. Such as, accepting free food from their food pantry?

A: Yes, you may accept free food from their food pantry if it has not been presented as an offering to an idol, and if it does not require that you be subjected to any efforts to convince you to accept the idol.

Q: ... attending self-help groups within the adjoining rooms of the house?

A: Yes, if there is no attempt being made to convince you to accept the idol.

Q: ... voting in a place which contains idols.

A: Yes, if there is no alternative. You can avoid this ahead of time if you vote by absentee ballot.

Q: May I be in the same room with an idol, if that room is adjoining a house of worship?

A: Only if and as long as there is a practical need.

Q: May I eat meat or drink wine that I do know has been offered to an idol?

NO (unless it is necessary to save a life).

Q: May I drink wine or eat meat that may have been dedicated to an idol, but I just don't know?

A: Yes, unless you know there is a high probability that it was offered ("dedicated") to an idol.

Q: What if a house of idolatry contains no idols that I can see readily. May I go there until I do see an idol? What if it is house of an idolatry that doesn't have a physical representation the idol in of itself?

A: The guidelines are the same as those above.
Note: The permission to enter for some overriding practical need only applies if there is not any worship service for the idol being conducted at the time.

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