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Noahide prayer shawl?
Sh'lom Newman,

Yes, I have seen this item (a shawl with NO tzitzit/fringes) advertised on some web sites.

1) It is not forbidden to be worn by Noahides, since it has no tzitzit fringes. Therefore a Noahide (man, woman or child) is free to choose to use it or not.
The problems with a Noahide wearing a Jewish tallis/prayer shawl with tzitzit fringes are addressed in our Forum thread at

2) Interestingly, the person who first developed a rainbow-colored "Noahide prayer shawl" did so along with a proposed correspondence between the colors of the rainbow and the seven sefirot, or emotive attributes of G-d. Others subsequently picked up on that idea. However, it is innovative, and there doesn't seem to be any classic source for the particular matching of colors to attributes that he proposed.

A classic source which does discuss the concept of colors as analogies for spiritual attributes is the subject of our web page

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