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Certification of doctors

Rabbi Weiner writes (p 434): „However, if this doctor is not licensed (or there was a more competent licensed doctor available) and he caused death, even if he only wanted to help the patient, this is an instance that began with the negligence of not leaving the treatment to a certified doctor, and even if it is unpreventable in the end, he is liable to be sentenced for murder.“

Certification does not guarantee good health care. It decreases the number of available doctors. And it reduces competition in the health care industry. Governments have the right to (de)regulate industries. So why does this ruling have the force of Torah law?
This point should be read and understood in the context of the entire discussion on the page you cited in "The Divine Code," 2nd Edition. It is based on the implication of rulings given in the Code of Jewish Law (Shulchan Aruch, Yoreh De'ah).

This particular statement is talking about whether the country's secular courts have leeway within the Noahide Code to pass laws to this effect, and to hold a wayward medical practitioner such as this as liable (and/or accountable) within their court system.

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