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What is Considered to be Stealing?
Question received:
Quote:I finished my first read through of The Divine Code and started my second, in which I'm going to be meticulous for details. When I was reading through after each section, I would reflect on my life and see if I've violated anything and repent. This led me to am interesting conundrum with the prohibition of theft that I want to ask you help me clarify. I go to a large local convenience store everyday for black tea that I enjoy. I've been a patron for a long time, and the employees/manager have now started to give me these drinks for free. They generally do this for other people along with police and firefighters. I'm always willing to pay, but they refuse and shoo me away. I tried to ask if the owner knows about the drinks being given away, and from the information I've gathered, she is aware of the drink being given to police and firefighters, but I don't know if she knows about me or the others that are given free drinks. Have I committed any theft directly or indirectly? Am I missing anything about this situation when it comes to theft?

In the situation you described, if the store employees and the manager don't have permission to give you the free tea, which might only be approved for police or firefighters, you would not be guilty of theft. Rather, it would be in the category of possibly receiving stolen property.
The best thing to do in this situation would be to refrain from taking the tea for free until you can contact the store owner. Explain that you're a long-time patron of her store, and ask her if she gives you permission to accept free cups of tea from the store employees on an ongoing basis.

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