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Questions about Tehillim (Psalms)
If a Noahide can read Hebrew, would it be better and more beneficial to say tehillim or a certain sequence like Tikun HaKlali in the holy language even if not every word will be understood, or would these prayers be just as effective in any translation one understands fluently, provided that it's a reliable translation that has not possibly been twisted or corrupted? Is a Noahide even allowed to say them in Hebrew if he won't understand it fluently?
As prayers, this is effective in a language one understands fluently, provided that it's a reliable translation from an Orthodox Jewish publishing company, like Artscroll or Kehot. There is also a translation of Tehillim (Psalms) on line from Judaica Press, with Rashi's explanations:

For a Noahide, the precept of prayer is not to recite words of Hebrew Scripture without understanding the meaning. Rather, it is to praise or thank G-d, or to ask Him to fulfill one's needs, according to one's understanding. Since those themes are found throughout all of the 150 chapters of Psalms, therefore the Psalms are ideal for a Noahide to incorporate into his prayers. But if the Noahide doesn't understand the words he is saying, then those words aren't accomplishing praise, thanks, or requests to G-d.
Director Michael Wrote:There are numerous Orthodox Jewish web sites with Hebrew calendars. For example:

Note that in the Hebrew lunar calendar, the day day starts at sunset. So in determining your Hebrew birthdate from the Gregorian date, it's important to know if you were born between sunset and midnight, because that will shift the correspondence to the next day on the Hebrew calendar.

According to that site, my birthday (assuming I was born before sunset) was Shabbat Tetzave for that year. What does Shabbat Tetzave mean?
It's the Saturday (the Jewish Sabbath, or "Shabbat") when the weekly Torah portion of Tetzave (Exodus 27:20 - 30:10) was read during the synagogue service.

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