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Liturgy / Prayer Book (Siddur)
Director Michael Wrote:1) First of all, the prayers of Noahides should be based on, and consistent with, human intellect. This means that they should pray only in a language in which they understand all the words they are saying. Many of the points below also follow from this basic principle.

2) The text of the Siddur (the traditional Orthodox Jewish prayer book, which comes in several versions that have only slight variations) may be used as an optional general guide for Noahides. But all Noahides should know and have complete faith that they can freely change, reduce, or add prayers to G-d in their own spontaneous words, from the feelings of their own heart and the understanding of their own intellect. There is no obligation for a Noahide to say any specifically worded prayers in any specific order.

I was wondering after reading this again what your thoughts (and those of the rabis) would be if a liturgist created a "Noahide-orientated siddur" (perhaps with the help of a qualified halacha authority) Obviously nothing would be mandatory and the prayers would have to follow the specifications stated; it wouldn't necesarily be exclusively Noahide considering many find inspiration (and rightly so) in the Hebrew prayers (or those you provide based off of them such as the "Noahide wedding text" or "Noahide Amidah" provided on your website), but such a book wouldn't be halachically suspect, would it?

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