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Liturgy / Prayer Book (Siddur)
"Siddur" is a Hebrew word that implies "order" - i.e., the fixed order of the traditional Jewish prayer liturgy that was fixed by the Jewish Sages, that corresponds to (a) the order of the 3 daily prayer services that were instituted for the Jewish people by their forefathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and (b) the order of the regular daily and special sacrificial offerings that were brought in the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. Since neither of these apply for Noahides, the title "siddur" is technically not appropriate for a non-mandatory Noahide-oriented liturgy (also because the name would give the impression that there IS, or should be, some fixed order of prayers for Noahides, which is not the case).

However, many Noahides do want to have a book of recommended prayers (in addition to the Book of Psalms), and Ask Noah's expert halachic (Torah-Law) authorities, Rabbi Moshe Weiner of Jerusalem and Rabbi J. Immanuel Schochet, o.b.m., of Toronto, have authorized a pocket-sized booklet of recommended prayers and blessings for Noahides. This has been published by Ask Noah International, with the title "Prayers, Blessings, Principles of Faith, and Divine Service for Noahides." This is available from several distributors, and from our web page

Here is the Table of Contents:

Part 1
Principles of Faith and Divine Service
- Awareness of G-d
- Serving G-d with One’s Mind and Heart
- The Power of Personal Repentance

Part 2
Prayers and Blessings
- Suggested Daily Prayers:
Daytime Prayers
Evening Prayers
- Blessings Before Eating or Drinking
- Other Blessings
- Rules of Blessings Before Eating
- Grace after a Meal
- 7 Verses for Noahide Children to Learn

Part 3
Prayers for Specific Needs and Requests
- Prayer for Livelihood
- Prayer for Travelers
- Prayer for a Sick Person
- Prayer for a Newborn Gentile Baby
- Prayer for a Departed Soul

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