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writing short-stories and novels
I wonder, is it wrong writing short-stories and novels? I used to write, but i wonder: is it wrong to find up persons and write about them?
Writing short stories and novels is OK, as long as the content is appropriate and within the guidelines of the Noahide Code (for example, not heretical, pornographic, otherwise immoral, or a violation of the rules against evil speech about another person).
Ok. What is immoral. Right now i'm writing about a person that has tried to take his life but surived. I shall try to make it a storie about living and values in life, and maybe even moral. Is it immoral to write about suicide, even if it is against it and the person survives?
Since it is strictly forbidden for a person to commit suicide (with the **possible** exception of saving one's self from unavoidable extreme torture or extreme physical abuse by an attacker, G-d forbid), one should not do anything that would appear to justify or glamorize suicide, or make it look in any way like a possible choice with any validity. Certainly one should only write against it, if at all.
Hi! I wonder, if I read a book where there is a blasphemy in the text, is it wrong? Or can i just refrain from reading the blasphemy but read the rest of the book?
The question is if this person's view will influence you in an adverse way.
Personally my advice would be not to continue reading the book unless you feel personally strong enough not to accept any heresy that may be in other parts of the book and that these views will not effect you in any way.
Rabbi Yitz
Is it OK to watch movies that have anything to do with witchcraft or other similar things that are clearly forbidden, even though it's not real and will have no influence at all on the people watching it to do those things? (ex. Harry Potter, fairy tale movies)
This can be answered in the same way that Rabbi Yitz answered above about reading books that contain blasphemous parts. The question is if the movie will influence you in an adverse way. Personally my advice would be not to continue watching such movies unless you feel personally strong enough not to accept any of the heresy that may be in the movie, and that these dramatizations will not effect you in any way.

If you have children, you should be *especially* cautious about letting them view such movies, because children have strong imaginations and are much more accepting. They are liable to believe that such things exist and are exciting to pursue, or they may develop fears of imagined evil creatures and spirits, etc, and thus weaken in their faith and trust in G-d.

However, movies that dramatize and glorify the idols and the idolatrous services of false religions should not be watched, because of the prohibition against turning to idol worship.
Hi! Is it wrong using "bad" words in a novel? I do not mean the worst of them, only pretty mild bad words. OF COURSE not about G-D, who only shall be blessed. The bad words is only for making the dialougs and narration sound authentic.
If it is a novel for adults, one could argue that it would be OK if the dialogue words are only what common people would use in their regular speech, without other people being offended. But I don't think it's a good idea to use "bad" words in books or movies for children.

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