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What Happens When We Die?
Director Michael Wrote:Thank you for sharing this explanation with us! I don't see anything that's incorrect, bearing in mind that our human conception and description of the spiritual realm is based on physical analogies, and what a soul experiences there can't be exactly the same as what we are capable of conceiving of.

Pretty much, the whole thing was incorrect (with all due respect) if we are talking about a strict Biblical basis. The Tenach never mentions anything that soudns like an "immortal soul" , or a punishment after death . In fact, the pagans are the ones that believed these things (immortal soul, alive in death etc) , ie the egyptian, the greeks, etc . If there is no physical resurrection ,then there is no "afterlife" since by definition, a dead person being alive is an oxymoron. The definition of "dead" or "death" isnt "still alive and conscious in spirit form" , but rather "not alive" . When people die, they are dead according to the Tenach . This is why it appears that the Tenach "is more concerned with this life and now" , because this physical life is the only one we have. Even if there would be an "afterlife" , it would have to be a physical life again

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