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Boy Scout Badges

Thank you for your previous response! I have another question. My son is currently in boyscouts, and he volunteered to be the troops Chaplain. He does not mention the names of false idols, and the prayers he recites are appropriate and relate only to G-D.

Normally, the term Chaplain applies in a Xtian context, so I am curious if my son can (or should) wear the Chaplain badge and continue in this role. The badge does not have any references to idol worship so I don't believe it's an accessory to idol worship. May I have your thoughts?

Thank you!
With the conditions you've described, this sounds OK, as long as the prayers your son recites for his group are not borrowed from an idolatrous liturgy (even if they only mention G-d).

You may wish to bring the following Noahide prayers to your son's attention:

- Any Psalms from a reliable Orthodox Jewish translation

- A Noahide "Amidah" prayer, from Rabbi J. Immanuel Schochet, at the end of Post #2 in this thread:

- A Noahide "Grace after Meals," said after a meal with bread:

- The above prayers, prayers for travelers, prayers for the healing of sick persons, and other prayers are included in our Noahide prayer booklet:

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