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Laws of War between Nations
> What kinds of laws apply when Gentile nations fight each other?

You can find a review of this subject by Rabbi J. David Bleich, in "Contemporary Halachic Problems," Volume 3. Nations have attempted to regulate warfare, but its elimination remains a Messianic ideal. Renunciation of chemical and biological warfare, humane treatment for prisoners, etc., are certainly marks of "civilized" peoples, but "civilized warfare" is a self-contradiction.

> Should Bnei Noach support certain types of wars and oppose others? Or is war always forbidden?

Although the Noahide Code prohibits murder and harming, all persons have a right to eliminate an aggressor in self-defense, so a defensive war requires no further justification. The Minkhat Hinnukh concludes that Gentiles are justified not only in self-defense, but may also eliminate a threat to the lives of others as well, even though they are under no Torah obligation to do so. The "law of the pursuer" is certainly also applicable when an entire community or nation is being pursued. Thus, military action is justifiable either in self-defense or on behalf of a victim of aggression.

But the Talmud declares that Gentiles do not have rights of conquest (which is theft). The Talmud does however affirm that Gentiles may acquire title to lands captured in wars of conquest, even though they have no right to engage in war this purpose.

In the Book of Obadiah, the prophet chastizes Edom for standing by silently while the Babylonians slaughtered great numbers of Jews during their campaign of destruction. This implies that Gentiles have an obligation to do battle against those who attack the country of Israel, or Jews anywhere.

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