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Daniel2 Wrote:If it can't be absolutely certain that the woman will die from childbirth but there is a risk, would abortion be permitted, or would it depend on how high the risk is?
If doctors determine there is a serious risk of death (and there is no alternative that will reduce the risk - for example, having a Caesarian birth), she is allowed within the Noahide Code to have an abortion.

Daniel2 Wrote:What if childbirth will cause the woman to have serious health problems but there is no lethal danger involved?
This doesn't provide permission within the Noahide Code for having an abortion.

Daniel2 Wrote:Also, if a woman does die from childbirth and she wanted to get an abortion while she was alive to save her life but was barred from doing so, would those who prevented her from getting an abortion to save her life be liable for or guilty of any wrongdoing?
If they knew for sure that she would die because of their (negative) influence, they are liable to punishment from G-d. But since they didn't do an action that was the cause of her death (rather, the direct cause was the childbirth), they would not be liable under the Noahide Code to capital punishment by a court of law. (They might be liable to lesser penalties according to the civil law of the government.)

Daniel2 Wrote:If the woman knew she would die but chose not to get an abortion to save her life, would this be suicide?

Daniel2 Wrote:What about cases where the child will be born with a serious mental or physical handicap or deformity? I would assume that this cannot justify abortion.

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