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(11-24-2014, 03:11 AM)alexdantas Wrote: Abortion is the same as murder. Murder is not a death sin?

Yes, murder is a capital sin. The details of the Noahide Commandment regarding the prohibition of murder, including abortion, are presented in "The Divine Ciode," 2nd edition, by Rabbi Moshe Weiner in Jerusalem:

(11-24-2014, 03:11 AM)alexdantas Wrote: So for the forgiveness of God, would be enough, repentance and change of attitude, that is, never ever, not even think of committing such a sin again.

Yes, combined with acceptance and observance of the rest of the Noahide Code, and doing acts of goodness and kindness to help people. Especially doing things for programs that give encouragement, counseling and support for women not to have elective abortions. Here is an example of this type of organization in Israel:

(11-24-2014, 03:11 AM)alexdantas Wrote: Although the spiritual level the person will suffer some penalties here in the underworld, after God forgive her, she will be entitled to Olam Haba, right?

Yes, if she has accepted pious observance of the Torah's Noahide Code, and repented for her transgressions.

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