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The awful choice between suicide and sin
(12-23-2015, 05:49 PM)alexdantas Wrote: According to what has been transcribed from the book "Divine Code" by Hrvatski Noahid.
I understand that depending on the level of mental illness (depression for example) that a person has, G-d forbid, it is automatically exempt from Divine punishment for any misconduct? Since it lost some level of reason and logic of things? which may G-d forbid.

There are many levels in what modern society calls "mental illness," or losing "some level" of reason and logic. So the possibility of exemption from punishment for violating one of the Noahide Commandments on that account is not automatic. The Torah-Law definition of the level of mental illness that would exempt a person is considerably stricter than the level that can exempt people from conviction in many of the modern secular court systems (for example, in the U.S.).

(12-23-2015, 05:49 PM)alexdantas Wrote: Is, then, suicide, G-d forbid, the total peak of mental illness, because the person went so far as to lose the fear of G-d? say, for example, that the person has become alienated.

The answer in the great majority of cases is no, which is why committing suicide (G-d forbid) is, in fact, forbidden by Torah Law for all people, within the category of murder. in an exceptional case in which the person was so mentally unbalanced, or so mentally tortured, as to exempt him from responsibility for his act, the person's soul will not be punished for it.

(12-23-2015, 05:49 PM)alexdantas Wrote: I am assuming that the person is a Noahide, and in his days of lucidity, recognized G-d and accepted the 7 Laws of Noah.
Thank you Dr. Schulman for your attention.
All the best!

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