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The awful choice between suicide and sin
Is suicide ever permitted? For example, if somebody wants you to become an idolator, and he will make you do sacrifices for the idol and have you as a prisoner, everyday forced to do idol sacrifices, is it permitted for you to commit suicide instead of live a live as an idolator? Or shall we rather start pray to idols than die? I would not like to live if anybody did this to me. Do not missinterpret this, I'm not forced to be an idolator and i'm not going to kill myself. I'm just very curious, if I G-D forbid will come into this situation, what would I do then?
I think that sometimes it would be the only the right thing to do to commit suicide. For example, if a pious rabbi has to choose between suicide or become an idolator, what should he do? If he saved many people by killing himself, why would he not recieve the life in the World to Come? I know G-D only does what is righteous and just, I do not put that in question, but what does the rabbis say about this? What is Talmud and Torah telling us to do if we G-D forbid have this awful choice between suicide and murder or idol worship? If we are forced to idol worship, are we liable to punishment or are we not?

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