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When the Messiah and the redemption come

I have heard mentioned, by proper Rabbis, these two things,

That the Chofetz Chaim recently came to a certain Tzaddik in his dreams, telling him that Mashiach is coming very soon, and the Tzaddik was urged in those dreams to spread the word; and that according to the holy Zohar, the time period in which the Resurrection of the Dead will take place is to begin 17 years from now.

Perhaps these are well known to you, and I wonder what one is to think of these things, seeing as these specifically were not insincere speculation.

(Of course I hope and pray Mashiach come much sooner, this moment!)

Thank you.
We have already been informed by our modern-day Torah sages that the time period for Moshiach's revelation has arrived. All the signs and calculations corroborate this.

Calculations can only reveal spiritually opportune times for Moshiach to be revealed, but before the fact, they can't reveal a date or a year when it will certainly happen.

We should indeed hope and pray that Mashiach will come now. One should anticipate it eagerly, yearn for it, repent for and turn away from past sins, and increase and strengthen in observance and learning of one's commandments. And one should increase in acts of goodness and kindness.

Sharing this information with others with help to hasten their own preparation, and the preparation of the world in general. This includes encouraging Gentiles to become observant of the Seven Noahide Commandments.
I have a question: when Moshiach comes, will Noahides be able to live in the Land of Israel, or will there be only Jews in Israel?
When Moshiach comes, all the Jews will be ingathered to the Holy Land, and Moshiach will tell each Jew which of the 12 Tribes he belongs to. The 12 Tribes will then be settled within their Biblical regions in the Holy Land, and the observance of the Yovel/Jubilee 50-year cycles will be restored. In that future era, when a Noahide will make a declaration to a Beit Din (a Jewish "court" of at least 3 observant Jewish men) that he/she accepts to observe the 7 Noahide Commandments as an obligation, he/she will receive the status of "Ger Toshav" - a righteous non-Jewish resident of Israel - and will be allowed to reside in the Holy Land.
Rabbi Yitz
rabbiyitz Wrote:When Moshiach comes, all the Jews will be ingathered to the Holy Land, and Moshiach will tell each Jew which of the 12 Tribes he belongs to. The 12 Tribes will then be settled within their Biblical regions in the Holy Land, and the observance of the Yovel/Jubilee 50-year cycles will be restored.
Since no Jew today is from the lost 10 tribes, with perhaps a few exceptions, how will it be determined which gentiles are from the lost tribes, and does this mean that they go through an automatic conversion?
Firstly, there is a misconception here, that there are no longer any appreciable number of Jews from the 10 Lost Tribes.

While it is true that a vast majority of the populations of the 10 northern tribes were exiled and lost, there were Jews of those 10 tribes that happened to be in Judea at that time, so they were able to avoid being exiled. (Not to mention that Judea included two adjacent tribes, Judah and Benjamin.) The remaining Jews from those other tribes married and raised families within Judea, and by now have many descendents who have blended into the general Jewish population. (The tribal affiliation of a Jew is determined by that of his or her Jewish father.)

Any descendents of the assimilated 10 Lost Tribes who are no longer Jews (as defined by maternal descent) will not be brought back as Jews in the Messianic redemption, or converted to become Jews after Moshiach comes.

So this answers your question:
- No one who is actually a Gentile will be converted after the time of the Messianic redemption, regardless of whether or not they had Jewish anscestors in their paternal lineage.
- All individual Jews, whether they are presently aware of their Jewish descent or not, will be awakened spiritually when Moshiach comes by the Great Shofar (ram's-horn trumpet) that will blown from the Heavens to awaken their souls to their Messianic redemption from the exile (see Isaiah 27:13).
- Once all the Jews are returned to the Holy Land, Moshiach (with his prophetic insight) will inform each one of his/her tribal membership (see Maimonides, Laws of Kings, ch. 12).
I understand now. What about any Jews who don't have a Jewish father? Do they remain tribeless?
That's correct - the are tribeless. See for example Rashi on Leviticus 24:10-17, which relates the incident of a Jew who blasphemed. Rashi explains that his mother was from the Tribe of Dan, and his father was an Egyptian (the only such person among all the Israelites who left in the Exodus from Egypt). He blasphemed in anger because he was not allowed to pitch his tent with the Tribe of Dan, since the tribal affiliation for Jews derives only from the Jewish father.
The deadline, whether by "natural" or miraculous means, is sometime before the year 6000 in the Hebrew calendar. Exactly when the deadline is has not been revealed. We look forward to the Messianic redemption occurring immediately (now), before the deadline.
In that future time, how will the Noahide laws be enforced? Will the Jews oversee the leaders of the Nations to ensure they are enforced appropriately? Will there be new leaders among the Nations? Will each Nation enforce the Noahide Laws as they see fit?

To be honest, I'm pretty worried about this. I trust Jews to be a fair balance between justice and compassion. However, I don't feel this way about our gentile leaders today. I'm worried that the Seven Laws will be enforced in the same manner that Christianity and Islam spread throughout the world (by the sword).

I hope my questions make sense. Please let me know if I need to clarify.


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