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Questionable Artwork (Non-idolatrous)
Question: In some categories of children's books, magazines, etc., we find that the artist draws particular groups of people (by race, ethnicity, culture, etc.) with a particular negative appearance (overweight, or overly large noses, or scowls, etc.) Should this practice be discouraged and avoided?

An answer from the Rebbe on this issue was recently distributed from in their email newsletter "Chinuch Horaah [Education Directive] of the Day":

"It is not advisable that people should be drawn in an intentionally nonrealistic manner - [for example] very fat, with an overly enlarged nose, and the like - although they [the people who draw comics] have become accustomed to doing so. In my opinion, this is a great educational mistake, for with regard to children, the more simple and normal, the better."

(Source: Response to "Moshiach Times" magazine, in Igeres Hachinuch, p. 278.)

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