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Eating meat that was not removed from a living animal
Please see our web page

This Noahide commandment prohibits meat that was torn or cut from a warm-blooded animal or bird before it was dead (which for non-kosher slaughter means before the heart stopped beating).

PRACTICALLY SPEAKING, eating store-bought meat that comes from the large U.S. slaughter houses is no longer a problem. Although they aren't required to guard against that specific issue, the slaughtering regulations and guidelines they do have in place make it very unlikely that it ever happens, if the animals are properly bled out between stunning and butchering. Then it is very unlikely that any given piece of this meat in the grocery store was cut from a still-living animal.

My further recommendation would be to call the plant which is the source for the non-kosher meat you want to purchase, and find out how reliably it holds to the relevant FDA standards for "humane slaughter" - whether they can certify that nearly 100% of the animals they process go through bleed-out followed by a long enough delay to insure that "heart death" has certainly occurred, *before* they start removing any meat for human consumption.

Don't expect this to be easy. Many slaughter houses are highly suspicious about any requests from non-governmental outsiders for information, because of criticism and harassment conducted by some animal-rights groups.

Note: "mountain oysters"/testicles are often cut from live cattle which are castrated. They should not be eaten by anyone unless it is verified that they were removed from an animal that was already dead.

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